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Rustic Tile YHH68020

Ceramic tiles that looks like wood

wood look tile

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Product Description

Ceramic tiles that looks like wood meets clients requirements to combine the safety of ceramic tile and beauty of wood together in one! It remains the warmth of wood, now let’s have a deep look at wood look tile reviews.

rustic tile that looks like wood

rustic tile that looks like wood

Model: Rustic Tile YHH68020
Tile Size: 300*300mm, 600*600mm, 800*800mm or customized
Color Family: Multi
Tile Thickness: 10 mm
1. Indoor/Outdoor, Commercial/Residential
2. Flooring, wall tiles in guest room,bathroom, kitchen and other living space.
Product Warranty: 12 months
Packing information:
Size: 600*600mm
4 PCS/CTN, 33 KG/CTN, 1.44 SQM/CTN, 880 CTN/20′, 1267 SQM/20′, 26400 KG/20′
Size: 800*800 mm
3 PCS/CTN, 45 KG/CTN, 1.92 SQM/CTN, 560 CTN/20′, 1075.2 SQM/20′, 25200 KG/20′
Questions Zone for Rustic Tiles that Looks Like Wood:
1.Does there just have the rectangular for the size of wood look tile? Is there have another size for wood look tile?
The right answer: The size for wood tile usually is rectangular (150*600 mm, 150*800 mm, 150*900 mm and so on), but there also has the square size (800*800 mm, 600*600 mm) for example rustic tile with wood finish, because that long wood tile is more similar to the hardwood flooring, so the majority is rectangular size. But in fact wood tile with square size is also very popular. It is suit for install and has better look as flooring and there will be less gap and more easier to clean. So you can choice it by you requirements.
2.Is it ok anti-skidding effect of wood tile flooring?
The right answer: Yes, wood tile flooring is based on the hardwood flooring and glazed porcelain tile, there has one special glaze layer at the surface of tiles which has functions:water-proof, anti-skidding and moisture proof. Another important reason is formaldehyde-free and will be safety for your family. Now in China many factories have production lines for produce wood tile flooring to meet demand of worldwide customers.
Anti-skidding Rating:
Polished porcelain tiles, Full Polished Glazed Tiles: <R9.
Rustic Tiles: Up to R12.
Two Kinds of slip: Slippery and Oil.
Factors to cause the slip:
The surface of tiles, environment (damp, rain, ice), dirt (oil, water), usage (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, if there has handrail), people ( old people, children, pregnant woman), shoes (roughness, material) and so on. Before choice your tiles, you need consider these factors firstly, not only the beautiful style.
Factors to decide the non-skid property of tiles:
Roughness of the surface, uneven or not and so on.
If you have more questions for choose the right flooring tiles for your house, contact with our technician or directly leave reviews under the production, they will give you professional answer.

wood look tiles details

wood look tiles details

Features of Wood Look Tile
Wood look tile is made from stones or clay without formaldehyde material, so it is safety to the health of your family and the total environment.
Wear-resistance, More durable.
The major reason people go for tiled flooring is the durability of porcelain tiles that suit high traffic areas such as the kitchen, living room and the play area. These do not wear out as easily as real wood flooring. Wood look tile can maintain its appearance with long time, keep a new look after many years.
Flexible for Patterns
Keep a single theme for the whole house. This flooring is so flexible that it may be used for the master bedroom, the kids’ rooms, the kitchen and even patios. It does not even matter if the home furniture is modern, artistic, wooden or classic.
Easy to Maintainence
Wood look tiles look fine wood flooring, but without the hassle of maintaining and cleaning wooden floors. Traditional wood floors need to be regularly treated to prevent insects and moisture from damaging it, while tiles with wood prints may easily be cleaned with soap and water.
Fire Resistance, Chemical and Stain Resistant, Waterproof
Besides that there also have more advantages that wood tile can take more surprises for you.
Who says you need authentic wood to make your home look cozy? A little bit of research and some decorating tricks will save you from high purchase and maintenance costs.

Wood Look Tile Reviews

Wood Like Tile give your warmth same as the wood flooring with more colours and finishes, but the cost for them is lower than hardwood flooring. Easily be fixed, easy to keep maintainence that leave more free time for you. So there are many customers install them in their house.
Besides that the most important point is the wood like tile is Formaldehyde-Free, so more people will support them for health of their family and the total environment of the world.
For years wood tile will be one of the hottest trend for every house every room that you might have a chance to get water, for example: kitchen designs, bathroom designs, bathroom designs or base room. So it is imaging amount of demand for wood look tile. there has big demands for wood like tile in the future, check the more information about our catalog about wood like tile.
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