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New Home Floor Tiles YHF66040

New Home Floor Tiles
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Product Description

Today we recommend one New Home Floor Tiles – Flower Ceramic Tile~ You can install Flower Ceramic Tile in a fancy kitchen tiles added cooking housewife lively atmosphere. Flower tiles currently on the market are mostly from Europe, mostly exotic, some main art, fashion style, and some focus on the natural world of apathy, general set of six, ten or twelve, it is a distinctive personality. Color and pattern are designed by Italian designer trying to create a romantic, relaxing atmosphere cook, but relatively affordable price.

YHH Group wholesale ceramic tile keep researching and developing latest patterns for Rustic Porcelain Tiles.

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New Home Floor Tiles

Specifications New Home Floor Tiles YHF66040

New Home Floor Tiles

Item Description:    New Home Floor Tiles
Item ID:    New Home Floor Tiles YHF66040
Material:  Porcelain
Tiles Type : Glazed
Country: China
Size:  600 * 600 mm  (800 mm for choice)
Finish: Glossy

Usage Recommend:
Residential Usage:   Flooring ☑      Countertops ☑     Wall☑     Backsplash☑
Commercial Usage: Flooring ☑   Heavy □ Light ☑    Wall ☑     Backsplash ☑

Packing Information:
Size: 600*600 mm
4PCS/CTN, 33KG/CTN, 1.44SQM/CTN, 880CTN/20’, 1267SQM/20’, 26400KG/20’

Package: Paper carton & Wooden Pallet

New Home Floor Tiles for Sale

New Home Floor Tiles
New Home Floor Tiles Manufacturer

New Home Floor Tiles from China Tiles Manufacturers!
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New Home Floor TilesNew Home Floor Tiles

China Tile Manufacturers

China Tile Manufacturers – The Porcelain Tiles Manufacturers by YHH are examples of elegance and style and will no doubt add value to any space, while enhancing the decoration in a cost effective way.
YHH Ceramic Tile Manufacturer is becoming popular day by day not only for their worldwide fame, but also for our preferential policies, customized services, quick delivery and best price that can be compared with any other in the market.

You can create unique designs for your bathroom or kitchen with China Ceramic Tile being available with YHH Ceramic Tiles. You also have the opportunity to inspect the tiles you had ordered for before installation.

New Home Floor Tiles

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