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Full Polished Glazed Tile YHA0027

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Polished tiles, Carpet tiles, Porcelain tiles. Tiles for bathroom,kitchen and bedroom.

Product Description

Having polished porcelain tiles installed in the home can be much easier to clean then many of your other varieties of flooring. Polished porcelain tiles can be cleaned with a swift swipe of a let washcloth. Less informed consumers may have gone with a wood flooring in the bathroom, assuming this would give their home a rustic feel. As a concerned home owner, I’m sure you’re looking for the option that’s most convenient. Nothing comes closer then polished porcelain tiles.

polished porcelain tiles

polished porcelain tiles

Model : Full Polished Glazed Tile YHA0027
Size: 600*600 mm ,800*800 mm, or customized
Tile Thickness:10 mm
Color Family:Multi
Water Absorption:<0.5%
Glossiness: > 90%

1. Flooring, wall tiles in a bathroom, kitchen and other living space.
2. Hotel lobby flooring, airport, super market, shopping mall, warehouse flooring big project etc.
3. Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor,Commercial/Residential:Commercial/Residential
Product Warranty:12 months

Packing information:
SIZE: 600*600 mm
4PCS/CTN, 33KG/CTN, 1.44SQM/CTN, 880CTN/20′, 1267SQM/20′, 26400KG/20′
SIZE: 800*800 mm
3PCS/CTN, 45KG/CTN, 1.92SQM/CTN, 560CTN/20′, 1075.2SQM/20′, 25200KG/20′

Advantages of Polished Porcelain Tiles:
*Rich color
The effective method and easiest way to make your room stand out with a bright style is to use the polished porcelain tiles in your flooring!
*Perfect water proof
The polished glazed tiles is belong to the porcelain tile with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent. So that polished porcelain tiles are commonly used to floor tiles and walls.
* High stable
However porcelain tiles is much harder than ordinary ceramic tiles and is more rich colors than normal polished porcelain tiles, so it is widely used in many areas such as wall floors, traffic zones, meeting rooms, office and so on.

The Cost for Polished Porcelain Tiles
The cost of installing your tiles will depend on the amount of space you have to fill them. Polished tiles are a popular choice for the bathroom, kitchen and guest room, but the cost is usually low. The average home owner will only spend a few hundred dollars or thousands on tile. It will cost a little bit more to have them installed professionally.
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Find The Style You Love

When people think of porcelain, they think of white. This isn’t the only option when you’re going with polished porcelain tiles. Look up all the many designs and colors. You’re sure to find the pattern that compliments your bathroom well. The tiles also range in quality. Watch out for that when considering a porcelain tile that seems to cheap to be true. Let’s have a look about that wonderful work!

design for guest room with porcelain tiles

design for guest room with porcelain tiles

polished porcelain tiles

polished porcelain tiles

Getting Them Installed

Getting the tiles installed isn’t going to be as difficult as you might think. They’re two ways this task can be done. You can either hire a professional to do the task, or do it yourself. With each option, they’re pros and cons.

A professional will be able to install the product in a shorter time frame then you could. Plus, the job will look better once it’s complete. A contractor, that does this type of maintenance, does it everyday. They know exactly how to make sure it turns out right.

Doing it yourself isn’t complicated when you start in the right place. Look up DIY instructions on youtube. In case you don’t know, DIY stands for do it yourself. If you have any questions beyond that point, feel free to ask your local Home Depot employee.

Finding A Contractor To Install It For You

We don’t all have time to go and find a DIY instruction video. Some of us do have more important things to do then learning how to install tile. If you’re looking for a contractor that won’t waste your time, Angie’s list is an excellent place to go find reviews. Angie’s list can give you the skinny on any professional that’s doing home improvement in your area. Why sort through the lazy contractors when it’s so easy to find the one’s ready to help you?
Polished porcelain is relatively low cost and low maintenance. It’s cheap, easy to install, and will look great. Trust me, you want a product that’s easy to clean when it comes to your room.


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