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Full Polished Glazed Tiles YH6912

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Product Description

Marble tiles is the first choice to make your bathroom a glam and sophisticated look. But usually using a marble in a bathroom or kitchen is complex and not very good, because the real marble has a. 10 percent water-absorption rate and will also absorb other liquids. It will be problematic. The more maintenance you need to put in to keep the clean and original shape. So there has polished ceramic tile that looks like marble, now let’s have a look.

Model : Full Polished Glazed Tiles YH6912
Size: 600*600 mm, 800*800 mm or customized
Tile Thickness:10 mm
Color Family: Multi
Water Absorption:<0.5%
Glossiness: > 90%
1. Flooring, wall tiles in a bathroom, kitchen and other living space.
2. Hotel lobby flooring, airport, super market, shopping mall, warehouse flooring big project etc.
3.Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor,
Product Warranty:12 months
Packing Information:
SIZE: 600*600 mm
4PCS/CTN, 33KG/CTN, 1.44SQM/CTN, 880CTN/20′, 1267SQM/20′, 26400KG/20′
SIZE: 800*800 mm
3PCS/CTN, 45KG/CTN, 1.92SQM/CTN, 560CTN/20′, 1075.2SQM/20′, 25200KG/20′
Designs for Ceramic Tile that Looks Like Marble
Ceramic tiles that looks like marble and wall tile is a great way to make a classic and traditional style in your bathroom, kitchen and guest room. Here are some of our enjoyed marble room designs.

Two Ways to Install Marble Floor Tile :
*Getting Them Installed
Getting marble floor tiles installed is more easier than marble stone. They’re two ways this task can be done. You can either hire a professional to do the task, or do it yourself. With each option, they’re pros and cons.
A professional will be able to install the product in a shorter time frame then you could. Plus, the job will look better once it’s complete. A contractor, that does this type of maintenance, does it everyday. They know exactly how to make sure it turns out right.
Doing it yourself isn’t complicated when you start in the right place. Look up DIY instructions on YouTube. In case you don’t know, DIY stands for do it yourself. If you have any questions beyond that point, feel free to ask your local Home Depot employee.
*Finding A Contractor To Install It For You
We don’t all have time to go and find a DIY instruction video. Some of us do have more important things to do then learning how to install tile. If you’re looking for a contractor that won’t waste your time, Angie’s list is an excellent place to go find reviews. Angie’s list can give you the skinny on any professional that’s doing home improvement in your area. Why sort through the lazy contractors when it’s so easy to find the one’s ready to help you?
How to Clean Polished Porcelain Tile?
Because there has a special glaze layer at the surface of polished porcelain tile, this layer can protect it from the water and others, so it is more easier to clean than marble stone. Just need water and mop.
Firstly sweep the floor with the dust mop.
Secondly mop the tile with the clean water. Then leave sometime to dry, you can take a rest or see a film.
At the end dry the tile with a dry cloth, it will make the porcelain best and look like a new model.
This means less time keeping your house up to date and more time simply enjoying the beautiful look that this particular style of ceramic tile can bring into your home.
Cost for Ceramic Tile that Looks Like Marble:
Ceramic Tiles with Look of Stone at a Much Cheaper Price than Mable.
Many people love the look of stone floors, but the price can quickly get out of hand. While ceramic tile isn’t cheap by any means, generally speaking it is a much better overall deal than what you can normally get decorative stone for. When going for that classic look and knowing it will last a long time, it’s the right time to give ceramic tiles a look to get the job done the way you want it.
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