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Product Description

Porcelain tile glazed is more and more popular in our life, today we offer full information for it as a reference, including Specifications, Application, Packing Information, Porcelain Tile Cost, install and how to clean and maintenance and so on.

glazed polished tile

glazed polished tile

Model : Full Polished Glazed Tile YH8883
Size: 600*600 mm ,800*800 mm, 1000*1000 mm or customized
Tile Thickness:10 mm
Color Family: Multi
Material: Porcelain
Water Absorption:<0.5%
Glossiness: > 90%
1. Flooring tiles, wall tiles in bathroom, kitchen and other living space.
2. Hotel lobby flooring, airport, super market, shopping mall, warehouse flooring big project etc.
3. Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor,
4. Commercial/Residential:Commercial/Residential
Product Warranty:12 months
Packing Information:
Size: 600*600 mm
4PCS/CTN, 33KG/CTN, 1.44SQM/CTN, 880CTN/20′, 1267SQM/20′, 26400KG/20′
Size: 800*800 mm
3PCS/CTN, 45KG/CTN, 1.92SQM/CTN, 560CTN/20′, 1075.2SQM/20′, 25200KG/20′

Reasons to Choose Glazed Polished Tile
As one growing porcelain tile flooring full polished glazed tile get more approve from customers with their high grade, bright color and ease to clean. If you are planing a new house, new kitchen, new bathroom, anywhere has a dangerous to into water, please think about polished glazed flooring with the perfect waterproof.
Bright and soft surface
As covered with a layer of crystal glaze polished at the last process production make the overall tile like three -dimensional structured. The tile looks more bright and imaged. There has many choice for you to make one room you want.
More richer patterns
After fired at higher temperatures than regular tiles, full polished glazed tiles get bright colors, natural texture. The pattern looks very detailed and unique and can meet the needs of different consumer preferences.
Longer service life
The especial glaze at the surface is so thick that can project it from wear. So they have about 3 times service life than regular tiles.
Perfect Waterproof
Not like the simple polished porcelain tile with the gap at the surface, the full polished glazed tile is fully water proof and air proof, because the thick glaze block that, you can be relieved when the water , dirt dropped at the flooring.
Easier to Clean
However, if you’re asking yourself why choose glazed polished tile, one of the most simple answers is “ease of cleaning.” Not everyone enjoys the idea of spending all their time cleaning up carpet, after all. Some people want to simply wipe a rag over a mess, and call it a day. Tile will let you do that, and when the tile is glazed and polished, it’s even more resistant to moisture and other stains. For many people, ease of cleaning is the only reason they need in order to choose this style of flooring over others.

porcelain bathroom tile

porcelain bathroom tile

porcelain wall tile

porcelain wall tile

Porcelain Tile –  Lower Cost
Cost for Porcelain Tiles usually is lower than another flooring, for example: carpets, marble and so on, Polished Glazed Tile is easier to clean and it holds up better and longer than another flooring. This means that even though it has a higher up front cost, it will last you longer, and so you’ll pay less in the long run.Usually it just need about USD 20 for one square.
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Two Ways to Install Porcelain Tiles:
*Getting Them Installed
Getting the tiles installed isn’t going to be as difficult as you might think. They’re two ways this task can be done. You can either hire a professional to do the task, or do it yourself. With each option, they’re pros and cons.
A professional will be able to install the product in a shorter time frame then you could. Plus, the job will look better once it’s complete. A contractor, that does this type of maintenance, does it everyday. They know exactly how to make sure it turns out right.
Doing it yourself isn’t complicated when you start in the right place. Look up DIY instructions on you tube. In case you don’t know, DIY stands for do it yourself. If you have any questions beyond that point, feel free to ask your local Home Depot employee.
*Finding A Contractor To Install It For You
We don’t all have time to go and find a DIY instruction video. Some of us do have more important things to do then learning how to install tile. If you are looking for a contractor that won’t waste your time, Angie’s list is an excellent place to go find reviews. Angie’s list can give you the skinny on any professional that’s doing home improvement in your area. Why sort through the lazy contractors when it’s so easy to find the one’ s ready to help you?
We would love to hear your feedback – tell us what you love about YHH Ceramic Tiles and what designs do you want to see. If you are having a technical problem, please describe it in as much detail as possible and contact with us, our worker will give you professional answer with 24 hours.

How to clean the polished porcelain tiles?
Because there has one special glaze layer at the surface of the tiles, so it is very easy to clean the polished porcelain tiles. Just need water and mop.
Firstly sweep the floor with the dust mop.
Secondly mop the tile with the clean water. Leave sometime to dry, you can take a rest or see a film.
At the end dry the tile with a dry cloth, it will make the porcelain best and look like a new model.

polished porcelain tiles

polished porcelain tiles

Q Zone for Maintenance Porcelain Tiles:
Many customers have questions about how to clean and maintenance the full polished glazed tiles in the usual life, today we have some tips to recommend:
1.It is very terrible when there has tea stains, fruit stains, coffee or another dirt, and it is very difficulty to clean them, what can i do?
Advice: You can drop some dilution of Javel water at the dirt space, after 20-30 minutes then mop up with the dry dishcloth. Then your floor will have a new look.

how to clean porcelain tile 1

how to clean porcelain tile

2.Children often drop the ice cream on the floor, how can clean it?
Advice:Alkaline Cleaners is suitable for clean the stain of ice cream, and it is effective for marker pen and oil paint too.
We would love to hear your feedback – tell us what you love about YHH Ceramic Tiles and what designs do you want to see. If you are having a technical problem, please describe it in as much detail as possible and contact with us, our worker will give you professional answer with 24 hours.

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