Ceramic Tile

How to Choose the Right Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic Tiles is the most popular choice for our clients in their house, ceramic tile flooring, wall tiles, bathroom tile, kitchen tile and so on.  But how can we help our clients to choose their right ceramic tiles while they consult us? There are four important points for reference.

●Ceramic Tiles Sizes

To match ceramic tiles with the room size of a house, it should select the correct size of tiles. If you would like to make the house look wider and bigger, it is better to use bigger size tiles.
The tiles in the below picture is suitable for small space.

The standard size:
Wood look tile: 150*600 mm, 150*800 mm, 200*900 mm or customization.

Rustic Porcelain Tile: 300*300 mm, 600*600 mm, 800* 800 mm or customization.

Polished Glazed Tile: 600*600 mm, 800*800 mm, 1000*1000 mm or customization.

●Ceramic Tiles Colors

Right colour of ceramic tiles will create a beautiful feeling of room. If the room is a little dark and congested, it will be a good choice to use bright colour tiles which can make house look bright and spacious. For bigger areas, there are more options. You can find the color based on the wall or wallpaper color. In case that you like to have warm feeling in your house, you can select smaller tiles with dark colour.

The standard colors:

Full Polished Glazed Tile

Full Polished Glazed Tile

Full Polished Glazed Tile with the “mirror” surface bring the light color for your house.

rustic porcelain tile

rustic porcelain tile

Rustic Porcelain tile with the “low gloss” surface can take the warm and heath for you.

●Selecting the surface of Ceramic Tile 

It depends on where the ceramic tiles are used. It has many types of enamel, such as glossy, satin, matte or texture. Different enamels will create different interior design styles.When choosing ceramic tiles for exterior, try to find one that is really durable for all weather. While for bathroom, garage or kitchen, textured style of tile is more recommended for avoiding unnecessary incident. Moreover, for living room and other rooms, use ceramic tile that has abrasion and stain proof capability. Check the enamel’s quality, the best option using a glossy or semi glossy enamel.

bathroom flooring - polished porcelain tile

bathroom flooring – polished porcelain tile

kitchen flooring - rustic tile

kitchen flooring – rustic tile

●Ceramic Tiles Size and Tonality

When selecting ceramic tiles, we must select the same size and tonality between one rooms to other room.

The harmony of its size and tonality will give an artistic effect for your home. Tonality is about the color

thickness differentiation of the ceramic. To know the ceramic tonality code, we can find it on the package.

ceramic tiles in our showroom

ceramic tiles in our showroom

If you have more questions for choose the right flooring tiles for your house, contact with our technician or directly leave reviews under the production, they will give you professional answer within 24 hours!