Ceramic Wall Tiles Manufacturer In China

Ceramic Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are installed in the kitchen, bathroom and outdoor terrace façade decoration. It is an effective way to protect the wall from water. Besides that it is an interesting decorative elements when used in the decorative edge in the door and windows.
Most of wall tiles belongs to glazed ceramic tiles with the lower intensity. It combined with beauty, moisture and wear-resistance. You can find rich ceramic wall tiles patterns in YHH Ceramic Tile as ceramic wall tiles manufacturer in China.

ceramic wall tiles manufacturer in China

ceramic wall tiles manufacturer in China


Ceramic Wall Tiles Size 
250*330 mm, 250*400 mm

300*300 mm, 300*450 mm, 300*600 mm, 330*600 mm

400*400 mm, 400*800 mm

Ceramic Wall Tiles Patterns
Firstly, white wall tiles is the most popular for the wall tiles in bathroom or kitchen, because it look clean, light, beautiful and easy to match with another furniture.

white wall tiles

white wall tiles

Secondly is brown, beige, yellow and so on.
Thirdly there have another wood finish tiles for your bathroom, it looks like hardwood flooring with the stabilize of ceramic tiles.

How to check the quality of Ceramic wall tiles?
1.Check the color of the glaze
The glazed material is better, then the color of wall tiles is more comfortable for people.
2.Surface Flatness
Look at the wall tiles from the side, then the front straight as possible.

Ceramic Wall Tiles Wholesale -- YHH Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Wall Tiles Wholesale — YHH Ceramic Tile


Wall tiles is the best choice for the home decoration in kitchen, bathroom and balcony ideal wall decoration materials with the low water absorption, anti-corrosion, anti-aging ability. Especially it has perfect moisture, tide, scrub, weather resistance functions.

Email your questions to info@ceramicyhh.com or visit site:www.ceramicyhh.com YHH Ceramic Tile Wholesale ceramic tiles help you to find more latest designs!

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