7 Questions For Rustic Tile You Must Want To Know!

7 Questions for Rustic Tile You Must Want to Know!

Q. Rustic tiles vs rustic porcelain tiles. What is the difference?
Rustic tiles belong to fine stoneware tiles with water absorption between 3% to 6%. But rustic porcelain tiles belong to porcelain tile with 0.5% water absorption with the 1230°firing temperature after 60 minutes. This firing time technology make products entirely porcelain with Mohs hardness of 7 degrees better than marble, pollution prevention, anti-skid.
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Q. Why sometimes there have little color difference between some rustic tiles?
Standard states: surface features as tile manufacture have irregular color change of consciousness or change in color cannot be considered on the whole tile color. Spot for decorative purposes and the emergence of stains are not considered as a defect. Some use roller printing or printing three networks hops per sheet product color gradients, textures, natural transition which is to achieve a natural effect and reflect the characteristics of rustic porcelain tiles have irregular color change awareness and the entire brick manufacturing color change cannot be regarded as color difference, due to the natural transition on a single brick color, the color of the product after cutting more obvious differences, but these are the product of original design of the “natural” appeal, just as defective due to production caused by the chromatic aberration distinguish Come. However, some of them are specifically designed to feel nature color of the product, which is not called chromatic aberration.
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Q. Why price for rustic porcelain tiles from some manufacturers are more expensive?
There have three points for the difference of rustic tiles mainly:
1) high quality requirements, the length of kiln length, the working time for firing, the high firing temperature, all of these to ensure complete crystallization porcelain and enterprise excellent physical and chemical properties (such as water absorption, strength, hardness, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.).
2) Compare the glaze: imported from Europe vs not homemade glaze;
3) Compared with the traditional single product, we use three network hops printing or roller printing to make the surface texture design diversity and every piece of tile colors, textures are more natural, vivid. This need high design and printing costs.
4) The most important is that the design of surface texture is from Italian designers.

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Q. Decoration effect of rustic tiles vs polished tiles
Rustic porcelain tiles can bring a relatively light effect with matte surface. It can make the elegant, warm, calm, quiet feeling, reflect the culture and character which is not like the impetuous and fickleness from the mirror surface of polished tiles. With the improvement of people’s living standards rustic tile floor will be better to meet the unique style and urban tastes.
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Q. Rustic tiles will fade after a long time?
No, because the glazed surface of the product is the result of high-temperature firing combined to one blank form, the firing temperature is high.

Q. How long is warranty for rustic tile?
In good quality from external and rubbed hard objects and in accordance with the provisions of the company when paving insurable by about 20 years.

Q. Whether the tiles is good or bad decision depends on the water absorption?
Generally smaller water absorption means relatively higher technical requirements for tile firing process, choice of materials and production costs are higher.