4 Tips for Beautiful Ceramic Tile Medallions in Home Decoration!

Do you think that the total home design is not good enough? Maybe these nice parquet Ceramic Tile Medallions can help you to change that feeling. Today we recommended that several more simple and elegant parquet ceramic tile flooring medallions which can be applied in general home improvement!

Ceramic Tile Medallions for Floors

Ceramic Tile Medallions

Geometry Pattern Ceramic Tile

Geometry Pattern has been one of the most classic decorative elements in the home design. When the perfect combination of simple personality lines is in one parquet ceramic tile floor which can produce one different dynamic even it just is a simple square.

Ceramic Tile Medallions Flooring with rich sense of geometry patterns, shapes and textures varied can bring more fresh and agile spatial effects in the total home design.

Geometry Pattern Ceramic Tile

Gentle Curve Pattern

Geometric design will bring a sense of tough, meanwhile meandering curve patterns can bring a soft feeling.
Without complex patterns, designers use several curves to get a beautiful parquet ceramic tile flooring which can give the space more artistic atmosphere.

Gentle Curve Pattern Ceramic Tile Flooring

Delicate Flower Pattern

Smooth lines composed of exquisite flowers create a variety of complicated design to simple home decoration.

Flower Pattern Ceramic Tile Floor

Large-sized Carpet Porcelain Tile Pattern

General the size of carpet porcelain tiles are not very large, and most of them are used in the aisle, entrance, dining table or coffee table area. But occasionally the application of large-size parquet porcelain tile floor can gain unexpected surprise.

Carpet Porcelain Tile

Parquet porcelain tile with large-size generally are used in living area including almost the entire living area. Not only play decorate ground but also can strengthen the regional sense.