4 Reasons for Ceramic Wall Tiles Fall Off

Customer service is the important work that every ceramic tile dealer are likely to be met with. Such as: tiling and uneven, color difference, ceramic tile aching and so on. Particularly when we received the serious complaints about ceramic wall tiles falling off, what should we do for it? How to deal with it?

Today let’s have a look about some reasons about tiles falling off.

  1. Grouting Mortar

The true reason for ceramic tile falling off is mainly due to the grouting mortar. Default on the wrong type cement grade in the grouting mortar is the direct reason for tile falling off. Besides that there is likely to cement mortar mixed with large granular gravel also cause indirect tile falling off.

  1. Adhesive 

Chose the right adhesive for wall tiles and ensure that it is with good water-resistant property. Otherwise wall tile will be easy to fall off without the protection.

  1. The Humidity of Walls 

Let’s look at this case:

Ceramic Wall Tile Falling Off

Ceramic Wall Tile Falling Off

Ceramic wall tiles fall off with the solid cement mortar at the back of tile. If the humidity of wall is not suitable for condensing of wall with cement mortar, then it will cause this situation. So we need ensure the right humidity of walls during installation.

  1. Cement Mortar Grade

Wall tiles fall off directly from the cement mortar.

ceramic tile walls

ceramic tile walls

Reason for this situation is due to the improper use of mortar cement. The Cement Grade indirectly affect the coagulation effect between wall with wall tiles.
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